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What is Sapien SP-ST?

Sapien SP-ST is device for disinfection/decontamination/sterilization of the exposed surfaces of various objects in the room by deactivating various germs (microbes/viruses) using ultraviolet radiation.

Sapien SP-ST device is a terminal application tool: it is used as the final process of the disinfection protocol at the location.

How it works?

Sapien SP-ST is an effective disinfection tool at any given location where presence of bacteria and virus is detrimental to the health of the patient or the quality of the food.

Sapien SP-ST uses a specific frequency of light radiation which is scientifically proven to be very effective in deactivating different bacteria and viruses.

Light radiation of frequency around 254nm is called Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation ( UVGI ). When this radiation falls on bacteria and viruses it kills or inactivates them by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.

How is the Device classified and certified?

Thousands of UV disinfection devices are used in a variety of applications and settings, such as surface, food, air and water disinfection and purification. UV devices are extensively used in hospitals, food processing & manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, etc.

US FDA and European Agency (CE) and UK MHRA classified these devices as low voltage electrical devices and not as medical devices, as these devices are NOT used on humans directly (or in human presence) and also do not affect humans even after termination of their usage. Other forms of disinfection like using chemicals, hydrogen peroxide vapour, formaldehyde fumigation etc are considered medical devices (or drugs) due to the persistence of these harmful chemicals even after the termination of the application.

Sapien SP-ST was awarded CE certification (European certification) by a registered certification body called UK CERT based in London, UK confirming all the technical and safety characteristics of the device.

Is it safe?

Sapien SP-ST only should be used in a room where no human being is present. If the area or location is surrounded by glass or polymer panels then it can be used as UV light does not penetrate regular glass and laminates.

UV radiation is not instantly dangerous for human beings as for any detrimental effect the exposure needs to be of long duration and strength.

In all cases of using Sapien, device usage protocol must be followed by ensuring removal of all personnel from the operating area during the active usage of the device.

UV devices are used in various settings like hospitals, manufacturing, water handling etc for decades all over the world.

Can we see UV radiation?

UV radiation is of higher frequency than violet color of visible spectrum and hence invisible to human eye. The bluish white light seen while operating UV device is regular visible light that radiates out from the UV emitting lamp in small quantities.

Is there any residue after using device?

Usage of Sapien SP-ST device does not leave any residue unlike chemical, fumigation or vapour disinfection procedures.

Can we use the room immediately after usage?

The location can be used immediately after the usage of Sapien SP-ST unlike fumigation or vapour methods where we need to wait hours before using the room.

How much time Sapien SP-ST is to be used?

Usage of Sapien SP-ST depends on the size of the room. The duration required to disinfect the room effectively is based on inverse square law principle : Germicidal effect is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the device. In other words, if we DOUBLE the distance from the device, the UV intensity (or UV dose or germicidal effect) will decrease FOUR times.

For every 15 sq.m area, Sapien SP-ST needs to be used for at least 15min for effective disinfection. If the area is 30 sq.m, use the device for 15min at one side of the area, then move it other other side and use it for another 15min.

It is NOT an effective way to use the device for 30min in a 30sq.m area without moving the device. More information about this is found in the Product Usage document supplied along with the device.






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